CGC uses membermojo to keep an up to date list of club members.
You can use mojo to find out another member’s contact details, if they have agreed to share these. If you have been given enhanced access to mojo you can also find out other useful stuff about all members. Please do not print out lists from mojo, or save data to your PC. This will become out of date, and risk breaking GDPR rules.
You can see what information we hold about you, and keep it up to date, here:
You can also access the members’ directory and set a password here too.
Most members cannot see all this information, only those who need to know it to run the club, for example if you are an instructor your directory button can be used to see if a visitor has completed the indemnity forms on-line.
Visitor details are collected so that we can send promotional emails with their permission after they have flown.
Mojo has a number of email groups, for general discussion, Wednesday and Friday flyers for example. More can be created if you want to keep in contact with a specific group. Mojo distributes polebender each week.
Mojo does not handle any fees or cash transactions.