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Sunday 11th February

Returning to a hopefully more regular flying calendar, the wet conditions on Sunday produced this remarkable rainbow. Image (C) Craig Mustoe

Juniors at Denbigh

From Ben: KNK has been having a great time in the wave at Denbigh! As always, UK Junior Gliding really appreciates the support of the club and is very grateful that KNK has been allowed to make the trip.

Sunday 22nd October

A beautiful October day that saw Paul Gentil celebrate 50 years of gliding.

Saturday 14-10-23

A busy day's flying in the autumn sunshine. We managed to dodge this shower, but a later one washed everyone out of the sky, including a visitor from Nympsfield.

VGC rally

Coming to the end of a fascinating week. 70 gliders and around 130 campers came to Aston Down for the rally. More photos and a blog can be found at

Sportability Day - 20th April

The first Sportability Day this year and we hosted 6 visitors for a blustery but fantastic days flying with strong thermals to over 5000'. All the visitors really enjoyed the day with some lengthy flights and great views.

It was a great team effort, so thanks to Stephen Cook, Steve Purkiss, Alan Thomas, Andy Keyte, Dave Freeman, Martin Hayward for your help on the day and especially to Adrian Hegner for the aerotows.

Photos courtesy of Stephen Cook.

AGM 2023

Thank you to all who attended the club AGM last night, where we heard reports about the last year, plans for the next, and elected the new committee for 2023. Thank you to Chris Godding, Roger Banks, Doug Lawrence, Tim Barnes and Chris Gough for stepping forward to lead the club.

David Roberts is stepping down as treasurer, having served in a number of committee roles over the past 50 years. The committee wanted to recognise David's service and dedication to our club, and gliding in the UK and Europe, over many years. We were very pleased to present the 'David Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award', a new award named in David's honour. I'm sure you will all join us in congratulating and thanking David for all his work over the years.

Here's to a great 2023 with lots of flying, achievements and events. If you would like to get more involved in supporting the many things happening in the club, please get in touch with the committee.

Sunday 15th January

Congratulations to Taisia on her first solo today! What a great day with visitors from BlackMountains Gliding Club and South Wales Gliding Club and a DG glider swap with Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club for some spin training.

See more on the club Facebook page.

Monday 2nd Jan 2023


A really nice day's flying today to kick off the new year. We did 38 launches, a mixture of winch and aerotow, and probably had a record number of members at the club for a winter weekend day. It even became sorable for a while with some extended flights in weak lift - not exactly the sort of thermals that could be climbed in, but just strong enough to hold altitude for a while. Ben Davies converted to the K23 and flew his first ever 3 flights in a single seater - well done Ben. The misting canopy effect stayed away today and the last flight landed 5 minutes before "official night".

Saturday 10th Dec

A bright but cold start. No sooner had we pulled the gliders out of the hangar, their wings were covered in ice. With everything ready at the launch point we just had wait for the ice to melt and the cloud to break up and lift a bit. First launch hit cloud at 800 feet but with lots of holes it was enough to aerotow the first trial lesson into the clear blue above the scattered Cu. After 12.00 the sky cleared completely and a good afternoon’s flying was had by all.

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